Jan 252015

UPDATE: “The Tease” has been re-released to include both MP3 and WAV versions.

I’ve been up to my ears in custom audios lately, but I’ve carved out time to do an original one of my own, as well. “The Tease” has long been one of my favorite things to do to a man, and I loved translating my fun play into an audio. It’s 19 minutes of a very intimate monologue, you naked, blindfolded, and forbidden to touch me, while I languidly tease your body with my own. Here’s a little sample from somewhere in the middle:


You want more of that, don’t you? And you’d like to know how it ends?

It’s all right here . . .


Jan 142015

Are you concerned that your penis is small? Perhaps you’ve decided to see counselor Dr. Emma for discussion and evaluation. You get those, yes, and a huge dose of therapeutic humiliation!

This is a five-part series encompassing one extended session with Dr. Emma. Each part has one photograph (each one increasingly graphic) of Dr. Emma demonstrating the need for and action of a REAL cock, and an approximate two minute mp3 of Dr. Emma’s therapeutic voice leading you along the path of your humiliation.

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