May 312015
Audio Porn and Erotic MP3s

A girl’s gotta have friends in this business, and you’ve heard me mention my best one, Miss June at EliteDomme, before. In one of our daily talks, we discussed challenging ourselves and one another to be more creative, particularly in the arena of audios, which we know our callers love. A few long, loopy conversations and convolutions later, we had a plan and a name in hand: Dirty Talk Audio.

dirty talk audio goody bagsSo every week we pick out two naughty pictures from our vast collections. We’re both image hoarders. Fortunately, there is no TV show for those of us whose hard drives are cluttered from pillar to post with everything from backgrounds to puppies to pornography!

Then each of us makes a short audio, five to six minutes, to go with each of the two erotic photos. What Miss June and I have in common are intelligence, authenticity, off-the-charts creativity, and a great sense of fun. From there our styles are different as can be, so our audios are sure to be wildly divergent.

We will be releasing our audios on Tuesdays and Saturdays as Goody Bags–ALWAYS affordably priced at only $6.00 each–you’ll want to collect them all! Our first set, “Black Orchid”, went up last Tuesday, and our second, “You Want Me to WHAT?” went up last night.

hypnosis audio teaseErotic Hypnotic Audio Fantasy

In Black Orchid, I take you on a short hypnotic fantasy as you worship the Black Orchid Goddess. As you become increasingly weak and helpless, you find yourself off balance, wondering whether you are submitting to a woman, a Goddess, or an erotic flower with a dominant will of its own. You feel the sensual touch and the sexual scent overpowers you, and you realize you are being consumed . . .

DTAYouWantWhatGBForced Bi Submissive Pet Audio

In this audio you are my submissive pervert in forced bi training being introduced to my beautiful shemale friend Janis. You and my little slut joey, that is. I’m going to have the two of you doing the sloppy two-tongue tango on her erect dance floor, knowing that you love it! I am normally  sweet and kind but I am capable of a nasty and sometimes even mean streak, which I demonstrate in a surprise ending. Your life will never be the same again!

In other news, I’ve made my audio porn “The Tease” available as a recorded listing on Niteflirt, so if you’d like to listen to it (or part of it) without having to buy it outright, you can do so here!