Jul 042015

force of july intelligent phone sexHappy Independence Day!

Phone sex is, for me, a lot about my own independence. I can remember my mother exclaiming in a fit of pique, using language she NEVER used: “Emma, do you HAVE to be so damned INDEPENDENT?”

Ayep. I don’t know how to be any other way, at least not with any grace or success.

But independence is SEXY. I love what I do and I don’t need you for approval. I love who I am and I don’t need you for validation. I have freed myself to be exactly who I am so that you can be free to be exactly who you are–or in the case of phone sex fantasyland, whoever you WANT to be!

Phone sex is about working independently for myself. I set my hours, my terms, my prices, my limits. The boss drives me hard sometimes and she’s damned stingy about time off but she’s very understanding if I don’t feel well. She gets that what I really want is to connect with people and that’s just fine with her. She lets me keep my animals at work and every day is casual Friday!

domain privacy for sex workersI learned of two seemingly minor things this week that threaten to erode the independence of sex workers. One is that the organization that runs domain names, ICANN, is considering doing away with domain privacy for commercial websites. That would mean that my name and home address would be made public because I own this website–a rule potentially devastating every woman who owns a website that is monetized in any way.

The other is that Visa and Mastercard, along with the other major cards, stopped allowing their use for ads on Backpage. While touted as a way to slow down human trafficking (I’m sure most people involved in internationally illegal trade just pull out their plastic to do their dirty work), it ends up punishing those of us trying to make a totally legal living in the adult entertainment world.

These events have inspired me to honor
the interdependence of sex workers.

I talk a lot about Mistress June because she and I talk almost every day and probably 90 percent of what I know about phone sex (and marketing it) I learned from her. But there are a whole lot of other creative, hot phone sex marvels whom I’ve shared space with on forums and Twitter. They are sexy, fun, and generous with one another.

call emmalouise for intelligent phone sexIf you’re familiar with Twitter, you probably understand #FF–Follow Friday, where we pass around names encouraging our followers to follow our friends. I came up with “Force of July: Independence on Fire” as a way to take that just a step further and give a bit of my internet real estate to them. I’ll be tweeting about them this week and I’ve dedicated a new page on this site to some of them–because when you can’t call me, I want you to call them! I promise you it will be worth every cent, and then I want you to call ME and tell me all about the fireworks!