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intelligent phone sexWhat happens when a mature phone sex Goddess tries to come up with a story that will fit the disparate fetishes of her many callers? I gave this a lot of thought. Some of you are submissive; others rather dominant and still others resolutely part of the vanilla world. You are humiliation addicts, guys who just like to talk, cuckolds, and a few who love to push the envelope on the taboo side. Some of you love to relinquish your control to me in erotic hypnosis. Every one of you is unique in your own fun way! About the only common factor is that you come to me for understanding and intelligent phone sex.

This is what I came up with:

Valentine’s Day Detour

You are on your way to a small party for V-day, one that you aren’t particularly enthusiastic about. You are carrying flowers because you are supposed to meet a blind date there, and everyone says she has “a great personality.” The problem is, your unique sexual needs have been unfulfilled lately, and you have a burning desire for something much, much more arousing than “a great personality.”

Halfway to the party, your car gets a flat tire. Worse still, your cell phone is dead, about as useful as those damned flowers. It’s dark out, but there is one house with lights on inside, the house where your car gave up. Thinking you might still somehow make it to your party if you can call a friend to come get you, you pick up the flowers and head up the walk to the door.

intelligent phone sexYour breath catches in your throat when I open the door. You hear soft music playing and see candlelight. I’m wearing a floor-length red dress that clings to my every curve. It is cut low enough to show off the round fullness of my breasts, but you can’t take your eyes off the slit all the way up the front showing off my long legs. High-end silk stockings, and just a hint of the deep red garter belt underneath. And elegant stiletto heels that add four inches to my height.

The scent emanating from my skin makes you dizzy. I smile at you, all warmth and seduction, and gesture you through the doorway, closing (and locking) the door behind you. “These are beautiful–thank you!” I say in a voice that instantly catches the attention of your cock, and I take the flowers from your hands. “Come with me while I find a vase for them.” You follow me, mesmerized by the graceful movement of my delicious ass. You have completely forgotten about your phone, your car, your party . . .

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Feb 012016

I use “Cuckold Whisperer” a bit tongue-in-cheek and in fun. It took me a while to figure out how I could fulfill cuckolding phone sex calls in a way that is genuine but sexy. I have cheated and been cheated on and nobody felt good–the unbearable pain broke up relationships and hurt a lot of people. How could I make that sexy?

The trick was in listening. When I got a cuckolding call, I put aside all my own feelings, opened my mind, and paid attention. (Listening and paying attention, by the way, are often what separate a genuine, mature phone sex goddess from just another girl putting up explicit pictures on Niteflirt!)

Cuckolding phone sexHonestly, very few of you talked about “fluffing” and “cream pies.” You talked about your fantasies, your feelings, your conflicts, your satisfaction and your deeply fulfilled–and truthfully, sometimes broken–relationships.

From there it was a simple step to segue from listening to encouraging you, to slipping into the role play, describing the scenario in delicious detail, and bringing everything you told me to life.

We talk about your wife. Or your girlfriend. The one you think is playing around when she comes home late from work. And you may be a little hurt, but you are also a little turned on . . . let’s say a LOT turned on. Or she’s been hinting at you about men with bigger cocks than yours and wondering what they’re like. Could she be a closet size-queen?

Maybe neither of the above! Maybe she’s true blue to you but you can’t get the idea out of your head, that constant picture of someone else bringing her to new levels of ecstasy.

I love hearing your stories, dreams, hopes, insecurities, and fantasies. It’s also fun to role-play your lady, telling you all about what I’ve been up to–either just to share the fun because it turns you on so, or because he satisfied me in ways you never can.

If this sounds good to you, here’s my cuckolding phone sex listing: Let’s Talk About Your Wife. Or just call me!

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