Apr 182016

erotic hypnosis phone sexMy best phone sex friend Miss June and I have been talking a lot lately about erotic hypnosis. We each do it very differently, but the end result is the same: a very enjoyable time for our callers and for us.

Doing erotic hypnosis is fun, but I treat it as a serious skill. That is why I ask callers to fill out a short questionnaire before calling; when you answer those questions, it saves us time in your call because I will ask these questions anyway!

It can be helpful for callers to arrange calls ahead of time, but this is especially important with hypnosis sessions. Again, this is because hypnosis is actually skilled work and I want to make sure you get a quality call. If I’m getting tired or you catch me just as I was about to sign off my phone lines . . . not good. To give a good hypnosis session, I need to be at the top of my game and have plenty of time with you! If I’m the least bit sleepy I tend to hypnotize myself as well, and if I’m really tired, the result can be, um, interesting.

phone sex hypnosis sessionIf I don’t know you, or unless you know you’ll go under extremely quickly, half an hour is an absolute minimum time to budget for your call; I prefer to have 45 minutes available. If we don’t take that long, I only charge for the time we used. Part of the skill involved in hypnosis is to ease a person out of their trance in a gentle manner, keeping track of the time in order to do that. I always feel bad when we are enveloped in a lovely scenario and your battery dies/your money runs out. I always do everything I can on my end to make sure you are a happy, floaty, awake camper before your time runs out.

Stop by and visit my erotic hypnosis listing on Niteflirt, Sensual Erotic Hypnosis, and check out Miss June’s hypnosis listing as well! Call one or both of us to sink into that lovely, blissful place where wonderful things can and do happen.

At the end of this post are five of my inexpensive audios. While they are not hypnosis audios, I use my “hypnosis voice” to explore their ongoing themes of submission and goddess worship. At $6.00 each, how can you go wrong?