Jun 272016

Pantyhose Fetish Phone SexStockings and pantyhose . . . such a popular fetish! Some of you like the thought of me wearing them . . . and some of you prefer wearing them yourself!

That silky softness that hugs the skin perfectly: it draws the eyes and attention both up and down, to the worship-inspiring and deeply-desired pussy and to the feet you want to feel circling your cock, giving you an entirely different sort of pleasure.

I have a caller with a pantyhose and foot fetish and we’ve woven close to three years of a continuing role-play phone sex story with it. I’ve played many women in his life from family friends to teachers to a stranger at his door. He started out as a bad-mannered teen (we certainly took care of his manners!) and now he’s home from the military and taking orders from me–wearing my pantyhose. His reward? My feet, in my luxurious pantyhose, wrapped around his obedient cock.

Some remember long ago when they first saw a mature woman in her pantyhose, or her girdle and stockings, and the immediate rush of a strange and wonderful feeling “down there” that has never really gone away. Forty years later and it’s still a source of amazing pleasure when you are all alone!

Pantyhose Foot Fetish Phone SexAnd I know some of you naughty boys try on your wife’s stockings or pantyhose in secret, hoping no one, least of all your wife, EVER finds out. Oh, honey, I know your secrets. And you know who it’s safe to confess your naughty secrets to, don’t you? In the meantime, view some eye candy and maybe even treat yourself:



As for me, yes, I wear both stockings and pantyhose, depending on the dress and the weather. No pantyhose when the weather is sultry hot–stockings only! And for that strategic little surprise on a special occasion, there’s always my favorite, crotchless pantyhose. Oh yes.

Here’s a bit of trivia: Pantyhose is the American spelling. If you think I’m spelling it wrong, you may be from England, where it is spelled pantihose, also referred to as tights; not at all the heavier, opaque legwear Americans call tights. I have no idea what Brits call those. A good example of “two nations divided by a common language!”

Call and tell me what mature women, silky pantyhose (however you spell it), stockings, garter belts, and so forth do for you!

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