Call Me–Availability, Schedule, and Updates


Call Emmalouise for phone sex on Niteflirt.comThis is the week of January 29 through February 4 (Monday through Sunday). It’s catch as catch can this week, due to a project deadline February 2 (I do other things besides phone sex sometimes). I’ll try to keep an eye on email and chat, so let me know if you want a call–I’ll take a break to have fun with you! I should be back to my normal schedule Saturday, February 3.

availability for intelligent phone sex

**Sometimes there are connection glitches! If you’ve tried to call me but couldn’t get through, please let me know. I never decline calls or fail to answer my Niteflirt line promptly, and I never hang up on callers!

Emma10fI am on Niteflirt every day except Wednesdays mid-morning to mid-evening, Pacific time. You may see me available on Wednesday evenings from time to time as well, as life and whim allow. If you would like a Wednesday early evening call, please email me as it may be possible to schedule one. If you don’t see me available during my “on” hours, wait a bit–I take breaks so that I can stay fresh for you! Or check here to see if something has come up that has caused me to vary my schedule.

Please do email me ( or through the Niteflirt system if you would like to arrange a time to call. (Are you a night owl? Set a later time with me and I might stay up late with you!) Scheduling calls is an imperfect process–I can’t control who may call while I am waiting for you to call–but I will do my best to accommodate you. I want to know what your needs are and encourage you to communicate with me! Your naughty sophisticated phone sex girl, Emma