Oct 112014

howbigNot long ago a very interesting man ordered a custom audio from me. It was a lot of fun to make, and he gave me permission to sell it. I deeply appreciate that!

The premise is this: you have come to my office for your psychotherapy visit. I, Dr. Emma, have one very important question you must answer. I will repeat this question in a variety of wordings until you answer. The question? What is the size of your penis? In my cordial and yet professionally reserved voice, I ask you variations on this question for seven and a half minutes, becoming more insistent and intense at the end.

littleI don’t do a lot of small penis humiliation, as humiliating people is far outside my own normal behavior–I find it very alien and uncomfortable. But this script was different–the humiliation is in the mind of the listener, not in me–yet it is clear throughout the audio that I am the person wielding the power in the situation. And as a former therapist, it was fun to do something a real (at least not an ethical) therapist would never do!

If the thought of your own personal penis inquisition arouses you, you can buy the audio below, accompanied by a couple photos of Dr. Emma revealing her blue bra and round breasts. Possibly the way you’ve always hoped your therapist might greet you!


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