Dec 202014

My custom erotic audio customers have been at it again. Another one scripted a gem and gave me permission to sell it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed–check it out!

emma83inviteBuy from Emmalouise through
In this sultry monologue, I point out to you, Richard, that your wife and my husband, her boss, are having some steamy late hours at the office, and I invite you, with my husband’s knowledge and assent, to have dinner with me … and more … after all, why should THEY have all the fun? This seven-minute audio is accompanied by a provocative photo of me in my stockings only … panties down to entice you to take me up on my indecent invitation!

Note to my sissies and pets: you might not find this photo appropriate 🙂

  2 Responses to “Your Wife and My Husband”

  1. Your audios sound like a lot of fun, Miss E! How would you feel about us making a series of little audios on the same topics? Like little sample audios the guys could collect?

  2. Awesome idea! Can’t wait! Like spicy little nuggets 🙂 But not chicken nuggets.

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